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Mercy Johnson Okojie full  biography, her personal life style, awards and movies featured.

Popular Nolly-wood actor, Mercy Johnson was born in Lagos on 28 August 1984. She is a Nigerian actress who made her acting debut in the movie titled “The Maid” in which she played the role of a possessed house help. Her performance in the movie shot her into the limelight and she has acted in other movies ever since.
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Mercy Johnson is a native of Okene in Kogi state, and comes from a family of seven children. Mercy reveals she got into the Nigerian movie industry (Nollywood) because she failed her University entrance examinations. Mercy Johnson has appeared in over 60 movies. Mercy Johnson has revealed that growing up was tough and had difficulties paying her school fees most times. She also reveals that she worked as a housemaid to survive. She was one of the inaugural winners at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards 2013 for her role in the comedy film “Dumebi the Dirty Girl”.

Mercy Johnson won the 2009 African Film Award for best supporting actress.

Mercy Johnson’s Personal life

Mercy Johnson Biography
Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson is a NollyWood actress, she got married to Prince Odianosen Okojie at Christ Embassy Church, Oregun, Ikeja Lagos on Saturday, August 27, 2011. On August 29, 2012, Mercy Johnson’s spokesman officially disclosed to the media about her pregnancy. It was an exciting moment for her fans as there have been several rumors and speculations surrounding her pregnancy. On December 30, 2012, Mercy Johnson delivered a baby girl called Purity in the United States of America. Mercy Johnson shared photos of her baby with her fans as she departed to Nigeria Baby Purity Ozioma Okojie’s thanksgiving ceremony was held in the first week of March 2013. She gave birth to a boy on October 15, 2014.

Mercy Johnson’s Awards

Mercy Johnson won the best actress at Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards 2013 which was held on Saturday, March 9, 2013 at the Eko Hotel and Suites.  

Mercy Johnson won the Best Actress Award With a movie titled “Dumebi The Dirty Girl”. On November 3rd 2013 Movie Marketers threatened to blacklist her in the industry because of what they saw seemingly as her “high demands”.

Movies that Featured Mercy Johnson

    The Maid (2004)
    Into Temptation (2004)
    House Party (2004)
    House Party 2 (2004)
    Women in Power (2005)
    Women in Power 2 (2005)
    Lost to Lust (2005)
    Lost to Lust 2 (2005)
    Kill the Bride (2005)
    Kill the Bride 2 (2005)
    19 Macaulay Street (2006)
    19 Macaulay Street 2 (2006)
    Dear Mama (2006)
    Emotional Blunder (2006)
    Emotional Blunder 2 (2006)
    Endless Night (2000)
    Endless Night 2 (2006)
    Last Kiss (2006)
    Last Kiss 2 (2006)
    Married to the Enemy (2006)
    Married to the Enemy 2 (2006)
    Oath of a Priest (2006)
    Oath of a Priest 2 (2006)
    One-Bullet (2006)
    One-Bullet 2 (2006)
    Painful World (2006)
    Painful World 2 (2006)
    Pay Day (2006)
    Pay Day 2 (2006)
    Sweet Mama (2006)
    Sweet Mama 2 (2006)
    Thanksgiving (2006)
    Thanksgiving 2 (2006)
    Under Control (2006)
    Under Control 2 (2006)
    Under the Sky (2006)
    Under the Sky 2 (2006)
    Area Mama (2007)
    Area Mama 2 (2007)
    Breath of Anger (2007)
    Breath of Anger 2 (2007)
    Crisis in Paradise (2007)
    Crisis in Paradise 2 (2007)
    Desperate Ladies (2007)
    Desperate Ladies 2 (2007)
    Evil Agenda (2007)
    Evil Agenda 2 (2007)
    Genevieve (2007)
    Genevieve 2 (2007)
    Keziah (2007)
    Keziah 2 (2007)
    Kolomental (2007)
    Kolomental 2 (2007)
    Look Into My Eyes (2007)
    Look Into My Eyes 2 (2007)
    My Beloved Son (2007)
    My Beloved Son 2 (2007)
    She Is My Sister (2007)
    She Is My Sister 2 (2007)
    Sunny My Son (2007)
    Sunny My Son 2 (2007)
    Take Me Home (2007)
    Take Me Home 2 (2007)
    The Last Tradition (2007)
    The Last Tradition 2 (2007)
    The Scorpion God (2007)
    The Scorpion God 2 (2007)
    Twist of Fate (2007)
    Twist of Fate 2 (2007)
    Wealth Aside (2007)
    Wealth Aside 2 (2007)
    Act of Faith (2008)
    Act of Faith 2 (2008)
    Corporate Maid (2008)
    Corporate Maid 2 (2008)
    Don’t Wanna Be a Player (2008)
    Don’t Wanna Be a Player 2 (2008)
    Forest of Promises (2008)
    Forest of Promises 2 (2008)
    Kiss My Pain (2008)
    Kiss My Pain 2 (2008)
    Sin No More (2008)
    Sin No More 2 (2008)
    Strength to Strength (2008)
    Strength to Strength 2 (2008)
    Tell Me Why (2008)
    Tell Me Why 2 (2008)
    Tears of Madness
    Tears of Madness 2
    Temple of Justice (2008)
    Temple of Justice 2 (2008)
    The Gods Are Wise (2008)
    The Gods Are Wise 2 (2008)
    Tiger King (2008)
    Tiger King 2 (2008)
    Beyond Desire (2009)
    Beyond Desire 2 (2009)
    Clash of Twins (2009)
    Clash of Twins 2 (2009)
    Entanglement (2009)
    Entanglement 2 (2009)
    Entanglement 3 (2009)
    Entanglement 4 (2009)
    Heat of the Moment (2009)
    Heat of the Moment 2 (2009)
    Royal Tears (2009)
    Royal Tears 2 (2009)
    Royal Tears 3 (2009)
    Royal Tears 4 (2009)
    Sexy Girls (2009)
    Sexy Girls 2 (2009)
    Heart of a Fighter 1 and 2
    Royal Fight 1 and 2
    The cripple 1 (2012)
    The cripple 2(2012)
    Ebube 1 (2012)
    Ebube 2 (2012)
    30 Days in Atlanta (2014)
    Baby Uku In America (2013/2014)

Mercy John is indeed a woman to be reckoned with… 

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