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Google Chrome Download: Over the years, Google Chrome browser  has grown to be one of the best and most reliable browsers currently. Along with its fast speed and user friendly interface, its amazing to know that Chrome has been released in over 47 languages for different devices. This article will guide to downloading this browser, the article also includes steps on how to install and get this browser working.

Google Chrome Download

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Google Chrome, a browser owned by Google as a freeware web browser provides an innovative browsing experience. Chrome’s beta version was officially announced and released on eight day of september, 2008. This version of chrome was initially released for Microsoft Windows but on May 2010, a new version of Chrome was releases which would support OS, X and Linux . Consequenetly February 9, 2012 saw Google release “Chrome beta’s” version for Android devices.

Google’s renown mobile web browser Chrome has recently received another round of updates. Because Chrome Browser is one of Google’s-developed applications that need to be updated on a regular basis, due to the fact that  millions of people use it on their devices. The Andriod version of Chrome known as Chrome 55 ,officially known by the build number 55.0.2883.84, can now be downloaded via the Google Play Store. This version is characterized by several improvements in performance, stability, and memory , including fixes for numerous bugs and diverse issues discovered in the previous versions of the App as developed

Download Google Chrome for  All Devices

Google Chrome browser is a common and popular app, and due to this, most times it comes as a default app. Although most times, this is not the case as many still go to download Google Chrome browser. 

 To download the Chrome browser, all you’ll need to do is click on the link below OR alternatively,  you can visit Play store or Apple store for Android and iOS.

 Click Here to download Chrome Browser.

If you encounter problems during the download process, be sure to drop your questions and suggestions and we’ll get back to you. Thanks!

Unique features of Google Chrome – Google Chrome Download

  • The new Chrome features very high web service that is very fast and easy to use.
  • Chrome is known for its efficient browser performance. 
  • Google Chrome is compatible on all devices, like Android, iOS, OS X, Linux and Windows.
  • Google Chrome allows users save their bookmarks, settings and history across different devices and platforms.
  • Google Chrome is known for its user friendliness, it even warns users when the attempt to enter a harmful website.
  • With Google introducing Chrome download scanning protection in 2014, malware blocking is always very much active.
  • Google Chrome allows users make shortcut on desktop.
  • Google chrome users can decide to change the look and feel of  their browser by changing the theme. 

It might interest you to know that the latest Chrome for Android gets new important features. Users can now view full web pages offline and one can even download videos and music to be played at a later time. Users can save pages for later reading. It is as easy as this: anything you see on the Internet, can now be saved through your mobile Chrome browser. Contents too can be saved via users smartphone to be accessed at a later time. This particular feature is ideal for times when one is in a hurry but would want to read a text or view a video during your downtime.

Chrome developers have made various improvements to context search UI as well, users can now watch video any other content or media files within the Chrome browser, all it takes is to click on a media link to play.  It should start play immediately as the Chrome browser for Android supports this. The new version also includes another striking feature: to ensure that a user has entered the correct terms, Chrome will now identify your misspelled words. They will then be highlighted in the text field so you one easily identify and correct them.

Difference between Google Chrome and Chromium:

In competition with Chromium, Google Chrome, released in 2008 (same year as Chromium), is a proprietary browser (web) developed and maintained by Google. One key reason why Chrome and Chromium appear tied to each other is that Chrome was written using Chromium’s source code. The only way the two can be differentiated Chrome and Chromium is by looking at their logo, Chrome is colorful and Chromium maintains it blue. Although these are not the only difference between Chrome and Chromium.

 It’s hard to decide which one to choose between the open source Chromium and feature rich Google Chrome. For the Windows platform, it’ll better to use Google Chrome as Chromium doesn’t come as a stable release. And same thing applies for Mac operating system too.

 chrome browser download

For Linux OS, known for its attraction to free and open source software, Chromium will defintiely be a better option, although update automatically, one can leave with this. Chromium lacks Adobe Flash plugin and other media codecs but thanks to Linux, various Linux distributions may offer a modified Chromium adding various missing features. Currently, its shocking but Chromium is now being considered as the default web browser amidst the likes of Mozilla Firefox.
Google Chrome is also very much available for Linux Operating and it is a desirable option.

  • Chrome is known to use GoogleUpdate and Google Software Update Agent  and Google Software Update Daemon on Mac and  Windows respectively to carry out update to the latest version. This feature is not consistent with Chromium and on some Linux distributions, updates are made available via package repositories. Google Earth application uses the Google Update.
  • Unlike the Chromium, Google has added the crash reporting and send usage statistics options. Chrome is known to send data to Google servers. This data includes general data like information about one’s device and operating system, Chrome settings, visited websites having s search queries, malware etc. This feature allows Google to issue suggestions ads and results that are relevant to you.

Note that Crash reporting and usage tracking can ultimately be disabled from Chrome’s settings.

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