14 Things You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend Under Any Circumstance

There is no doubt  that women are the most beautiful creatures on earth and we have no right to disrespect any. For the serious minded guys who are on the verge of crashing their relationship due to their disgusting attitude I advised to please read this and keep it as a token and always refer to it as the need arises.

14 Things You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend Under Any Circumstance

 Things You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend
Never Say

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1. Have You Gained A Little Weight? 

Even if she was super skinny before, never tell her she has gained weight. Trust me, she knows if she has gained weight and this will come across as telling her she’s “fat.”

2. My Mother Does it this way

Your girlfriend is not your mother and all she will hear when you say this phrase is: “You’re not good enough.”

3. You look the same with makeup.

Excuse me? If she looked the same with makeup, why would she need to wear makeup? Do you not see the dark circles, pimples, and redness all over her horribly acne-scarred skin? She looks the same with makeup? She put so much effort into making sure she doesn’t really look the same and you’re going to tell her she looks the same? Great, the hour and a half she just spent on perfecting her makeup was clearly useless and she should have just used the time to sleep in.

4. Let’s Go See My Mom Again.

Being there for your mom and helping her out is very sweet. Being too dependent on your mom and not being able to go a few days without her, or asking for her advice on your relationship, is not a good thing.

 5. I Prefer You to do it Like this.

If your girl is trying her best, never ever criticize her. It’s better to wait until she’s not around and then fix it the way you like it, or toughen up and adapt to it in the moment. No one is perfect and we all do things differently, but if you criticize her when she’s trying hard, she’ll give up and stop doing things for you.

 6. My Family doesn’t Really Like You.

Even if your family dislikes her, she does not need to know this. This is between you and them, not her and them. Never put her in the middle of that fight.

7. My Ex Use to do it that Way

This is bad always. If it’s a special moment, you’ve likely just lost all trust from your girlfriend. It’s hurtful to know you’re still thinking about “the other girl.” Some things need to be left in the past. She doesn’t need to know how many girls you dated. If she asks, tell her you just can’t remember and that she is the only one for you so it doesn’t matter.

8. But the Game is on

We know that in that moment the football game is more important than your girl, but you shouldn’t tell her that. Prior to the game, let her know it’s coming on and at what time. Let her know how long it will be and where you’re watching it.

9. I’m going to see my ex.

Under no circumstances should this line be said. There should be no reason for you to see your ex. Not even to give stuff back. If you absolutely have to see your ex, make sure you tell your girlfriend. Not telling her and seeing your ex is sketchier than just telling your girlfriend straight-up that you’re going to meet up with them. Obviously, not seeing them at all would be ideal but if you really have to, telling her is better than going behind her back.

10. Just Calm Down

If a woman is mad, this will just make her madder. This tells her that you don’t respect the reasons behind her anger and you’re not willing to put in the effort to make it better.

11. I Don’t Like Your Friends

You may not like her friends but they were likely there before you so make an effort to tolerate them. If you start separating her from friends, her friends will talk her into believing that you are being controlling, if this is true, she needs to dump you. If you’re not controlling and her friends are a bad influence on her, you have to slowly help her find new, better friends and new hobbies that don’t include the old friends.

12. You’re Being Insecure

If a woman is being jealous, look at the reason behind it. Are you talking to another girl that is prettier? Are you texting other women? It’s likely that her insecurity is based on your actions.

13. Your Friend/Sister/Neighbor is Prettier

This should get you slapped and will cause her months and months of sleepless nights wondering if you’d rather date the person you are complimenting. It’s better to say, “Your friend is really nice to you”.

14. We need to talk.

These 4 words might literally kill your relationship. The first thing that goes through your girlfriends mind when you say “we need to talk” is “omg, he wants to break up with me”. After the initial panic of “omg, he’s going to break up with me”, she’ll jump into thinking she’ll need to break it off first. So although you mean you just want to talk (not break up) all she will read it is “let’s break up”.

Do you allow your boyfriend to say these things to you?

14 Things You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend Under Any Circumstance

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