Xender Download – Xender App Download for Phones & Tablets

 Xender Download - Xender App Download

Do you want to enjoy free file transfers? then you’ll need to download the new Xender file transfer Xender Apk. Downloading the Xender App is the first and primary step to making free file transfer experience.

You might want to known that Xender App has been proved to be one of the easiest wasy to share files from between phones, devices or even Personal Computers. It actually very fast and uses a wireless connection. With a few steps, you’ll be on your way to downloading the Xender App for your device (Android, iphone, personal computer, windows phones )

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However, the Xender Apk is currently known to be one of the best files transfer tools for various supporting devices and platforms at a radically fast speed. The Xender Apk is known to make use of NFC protocol across all supporting devices. It is currently the best alternative over other files transfer tools like WiFi or Bluetooth. It can be used to transfer, your documents, photos, videos, music including every other app on your device.

However, Xender App is one App that when installed? various compatible devices and phone, you can virtually transfer whatever you’d want to, no matter the size. All one needs is to be at close proximity with the person or device your seeking connection for transfer with. The stand out thing about Xender is that its users can download it across many and any platforms.

Android has numerous apps in its play store with which active users can easily and quickly perform several tasks. Most smartphone users usually make use of the Bluetooth connectivity feature to transfer the files, music and pictures. The truth remain that transfer process might tend to be slow via Bluetooth, and most times it takes hours to transfer files that are large. Xender is the answer as it has also been made available on Android, with a simple solution for easy file transfers . It is available for free download at Google play store, and all that’s required of you is to download and install it on any Android device or other compatible devices.

 Xender  APK Download

    • Be sure to click on “Get the App” to Download Xender for all device.

    Steps to transfer files using Xender App

    First stepTo make use of the Xender App, you’ll be required to download and install the Xender app on your device and also should be installed on the other device too with which you wish to share the files.

    Second step – After the device has be installed, tab to open the app on both the devices.

    Third step – You’ll need to tap on the ‘Send’ to find the nearest connected device and hit the ‘Receive’ button to receive any files from other device. 

    Fourth stepYou’re now free to
    start sharing choose files, music, videos, etc.

    Features of Xender app

    • Without any cables, Xender app allows you to transfer the files wirelessly between devices.
    • Xender allows even iOS users can transfer the files with Android devices.
    • Transfer rate of files on Xender is very high when compared to Bluetooth and any other such apps.
    • Clean and clear user-friendly interface
    • Xender has even supports group sharing and the limit is upto four devices.
    • Xender allows its users transfer the files between PC and MAC too.
    • No internet connection is required to  transfer the files between devices/PC.
    • Xender has proven to be simple, fast and super cool.
    • Users can Send and receive files freely anytime. 

    • Users can enjoy fast rate transfer without mobile data. 
    • Xender App is available across various platforms Android, iOS, Windows, PC/Mac.  
    • This one‘s shocking but you can also preview videos and as well play music during transfer. Xender is known to be the best WiFi transfer app or tool.  

    Xender has proven to be a very great phone to phone file transfer app that does not require any cable or Wifi nor any cellular connection, and is absolutely free of data usage. Known to supports different file types including videos, contacts, pictures, music and documents. 
     Xender has recorded 50 times the speed of conventional bluetooth transfers. You could send 50 Gb worth of your party video to as many friends in a matter of minutes as group sharing is supported for up to 5 devices at the same time. 

    And you can both send and receive without re-establishing connection. Supports cross platform transfer and sharing between iOS and other platform devices. “Phone Replicate”, a feature that makes it so easy when you change your phone. By using this feature you can select to replicate all your contacts and pictures from your existing phone to new phone in just a few simple clicks. By using the “Invite” function, you can easily share and install Xender to your friends.

    How to share files between Android device and PC via XENDER

    Lets the analyse the process involved in sharing files between Android device and PC.

    1. First, open the Xender App on your Android device.
    2. Swipe below to share the files and tap on the PC or Macbook option. 
    3. Open the web address shown on the phone screen with your computer  
    4. You‘ll see a QR Code in the computer’s screen.
    5. Be sure to tap on the scan button to scan the QR code. 
    6. Your screen will appear on the PC, boom! start sharing the files. 

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    Note that apart from sharing your files to various individuals, one can even create a group to share the files. Active users can perform this task by creating or joining the group by clicking on the ‘Create Group’ and ‘Join Group’ buttons

    The above mentioned steps will guide you through your Xender experience. You’ll notice that file transfer will carried out within few seconds, and users can experience the real fast sharing experience. Users are advised to create groups with their family and friends for a great file transfer experience

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